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TT Olympic team grateful for Brazilian hospitality

Newsday :: 03.08.2016

In a media release issued by the TT Olympic Committee (TTO C), Dr Ian Hypolite spoke of a visit to the Mayor Fernao Dias da Silva Leme's office at Braganca Paulista. He mentioned, "we've been treated like royalty here. We've had police escort to and from training and I know the city is responsible for that and I thank you for the service that was provided to us." Da Silva wished the TT contingent well at the Olympic Games, which gets going today at Rio de Janeiro.

"We wish you all the possible success and many gold medals," she expressed. "We know it is such hard work but we are humans beings; we are here to fight to get better and I'm sure you're going to get there," she concluded.

To show appreciation for all that has been offered to Team TTO , an art piece depicting Trinidad and Tobago's Traditional Carnival entitled "The Fancy Sailor" was presented to the vice mayor by Dr Hypolite.

In related news, the atmosphere at the camp has reportedly been great thus far with the athletes fine-tuning their skills.

Sunday was a day off for the majority of the team with some of the athletes getting in their first session since their arrival.

Joining the rest of the team at the camp were Christopher George (judo), Khalifa St Fort (100m, 4x100m relay), Richard Thompson (100m, 4x100m relay), Emmanuel Callender (4x100m relay), Jarrin Solomon (4x400m relay), Kelly Ann Baptiste (100m, 4x100m relay) and Keston Bledman (100m, 4x100m relay).

At the Olympic Village in Rio de Janeiro, sailor Andrew Lewis, gymnast Marisa Dick and rower Felice Aisha Chow have already checked . The remainder of the delegation will enter the Olympic Village tomorrow.

Team TTO will journey from their training camp at the Villa Santo Agostinho Hotel to the Olympic Village - a four-hour long bus ride



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