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Borel 7th in Olympic swansong

Kwame Laurence :: Trinidad Express :: 13.08.2016

Trinidad and Tobago's Cleopatra Borel earned her best-ever Olympic placing at the Joao Havelange Olympic Stadium here in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, last night, throwing the iron ball 18.37 metres for seventh spot in the women's shot put final.

The 37-year-old field athlete told the Express she was very satisfied with her performance, and is now seriously considering retiring from the sport.

"That might have been my last throw. I don't know. If I wake up Monday and I'm able to train, then we'll keep going. But if I can't…"

Borel, a four-time Olympian, is certain about one thing. She will not compete in a fifth Olympic Games.

"It is the last. This kind of anxiety is not good for somebody of my age," she said with a hearty laugh, following the qualifying competition, earlier in the day. "I'll go as an official, I'll go as a coach, I'll go as a manager. Physically, emotionally, it's a lot. This is it, Kwame. Enjoy tonight. This is it. And I feel great knowing that."

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Borel 7th in Olympic swansong
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Cleopatra Borel

Kwame Laurence Rio Olympics 2016

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