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Jehue out at first hurdle

Kwame Laurence :: Trinidad Express :: 15.08.2016

Jehue Gordon made a big effort to salvage his most disappointing season to date, in the opening round of the Rio 2016 men's 400 metres hurdles, at the Joao Havelange Olympic Stadium, here in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, yesterday.

The 24-year-old athlete told the Express he was very encouraged by the early returns he enjoyed, running in heat four.

"From the start of the race I was so close up on the hurdle, it was like a shock even though I was prepared for it. Coming home, I thought I could have held the same pace, but when they went and I tried to bring it home, my body went into such a relaxed state, it didn't react the way it was supposed to."

Gordon faded on the home straight, eventually finishing eighth and last in 49.98 seconds. It was his first sub-50 run this season, but far too slow to earn a semifinal berth, the 2013 world champion finishing 34th overall.

"I've run sub-48, 48-flat, mid-48s, so for me it's a sigh of relief but it's not anything to scream about. I think toddlers these days are running 49.9," Gordon quipped. "Now, it's just to get my body back at full health, and just be appreciative for what the medical team has been able to do to bring me back to this point.

"Rough season. Rough, rough, rough, rough. I have no excuses really. I came out there and the better guys won. Just thankful to be back here. The medical team, Dr Verne Alleyne, Ian Sharpe, Dr Anyl Gopeesingh and Dr Terry Ali, Dr Margaret Ottley, the whole team. To come out there today, they gave me that energy. My coach (Dr Ian Hypolite) believed in me."

Following abdominal surgery, last year, Gordon has struggled for all of 2016. And then, during his final preparations for Rio 2016, he was set back by an injury.

"We did an MRI, and we realised I had some impingements in my back, and I had to take a couple shots. I've been working almost every day in therapy just to come and compete out here. My body has been feeling really good, but I'm just surprised at the result today, really surprised. But that's how it is, you win some and lose some, but at the end of the day you have to be thankful."

LATEST: T&T's Janeil Bellille qualified last night for the women's 400m hurdles semi-finals. However, Sparkle McKnight was eliminated, as was Mikel Thomas, who failed to advance in the men's 110m hurdles.

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Jehue out at first hurdle
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Kwame Laurence Rio Olympics 2016

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