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Serrette: Develop home-based system order to produce more consistent results for T&T

Mark Pouchet :: Trinidad Express :: 22.08.2016

Ephraim Serrette, president of the National Association of Athletic Administrations (NAAA), said his organisation sees the need for developing a national locally-based programme to produce more consistent high-level performances at quadrennial Olympic Games.

Serrette emphasised the need to use the examples of Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Men's javelin two-time medallist Keshorn Walcott, 2013 World Championship 400m men's hurdle champion Jehue Gordon, T&T's top female shot-putter Cleopatra Borel among others, as an example of people who have done their training locally and excelled.

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Serrette: Develop home-based system in order to produce more consistent results for T&T
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NAAA president Ephraim Serrette

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