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TTOC switches from Adidas to Puma

Trinidad Express :: 03.01.2017

Local sporting bodies have acquired a new, high-profile apparel partner.

The Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee (TTOC) yesterday announced that Puma is now the "podium, lifestyle, training, competition and presentation wear partner" for a number of bodies, including the TTOC, the Trinidad and Tobago Commonwealth Games Association (TTCGA) and Team Trinidad and Tobago (Team TTO).

The deal came into effect on January 1, just as the TTOC's previous partnership with Adidas came to an end on December 31.

The TTOC/Puma agreement is for an initial four-year period through the Tokyo 2020 Olympic cycle.

A TTOC press release stated: "The TTOC is excited about working with Puma to achieve agreed strategic objectives.

The TTOC is confident that its athlete-centred, market-driven and service-based approach, values, culture and ambitious 10 Golds2024 high-performance focus will allow the TTOC and Team TTO to align with Puma's brand values, positioning and strategic business objectives. "It's a new and exciting phase for Team TTO and the TTOC."

Speaking of its previous deal with Adidas, the TTOC described the relationship as "long-standing".

It added: "Over the years, Adidas has supported the TTOC with unwavering dedication, including TTOC initiatives such as the 10Golds24 Team TTO Marathon Walk fund-raiser for Athlete development, welfare and preparation; Olympic Academy, Olympic Youth Camp and long-term athlete development programmes."

And the TTOC release stressed that, "The decision to not renew the Adidas/TTOC partnership was amicable and agreed. The TTOC thanks Adidas for a wonderful relationship and close partnership over the years; friendships developed in an environment of mutual respect".

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TTOC switches from Adidas to Puma
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NEW DEAL: The Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee (TTOC) president shows off a Puma jersey yesterday after it was announced that Puma is now its "podium, lifestyle, training, competition and presentation wear partner".

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