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NAAA and Schools Association team up for training

Trinidad Express :: 14.01.2017

Officials of the Trinidad and Tobago Secondary Schools Track and Field Association (TTSSTFA) and the National Association of Athletic Administrations (NAAA) have agreed upon a programme of training for officials who will preside over secondary schools track and field meetings.

The agreement came during a meeting of the two bodies at the offices of the NAAA at the Ato Boldon Stadium, Couva on January 6.

The two parties agreed that the officials to operate at secondary schools meets will be trained through seminars and workshops.

Some of the workshops will be held on the days of development meets, two hours before the start of the meet. Additionally, the participants will use the meets to implement the practical aspects of the training.

The first workshop was set to take place at the first development meet yesterday. Also agreed upon was the setting up a database of officials from the NAAA, primary and secondary schools and volunteers.

Additionally, students of secondary schools will also be trained to assist in the event of a shortage of officials at a meet.

The meeting of the two organisations was the first in recent years and was held during the sitting of a NAAA Technical Development Committee.

The TTSSFA delegation was led by president Phillip Allard and included second vice-president Janelle Edwards, secretary Andy Joseph and public relations officer Indra Ramsingh-Geoffrey.

The NAAA team was headed by president Ephraim Serrette, second vice-president Allan Baboolal, secretary Dexter Voisin and board members Durly Lucas and Dawn Washington.

Also present were several technical officials. Among the issues discussed were: officiating, timing, photo finish and results, scheduling and sanctioning.

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