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St Fort shines at Carifta trials

Kwame Laurence :: Trinidad Express :: 11.03.2017

Khalifa St Fort, Jacob St Clair and Rae-Anne Serville were among the standouts on the opening day of the Carifta trials, at the Hasely Crawford Stadium in Port of Spain, yesterday. A total of 25 athletes achieved qualifying standards.

St Fort gave a command performance, winning the Girls Under-20 100 metres final in a blistering 11.30 seconds. The Florida-based track star also bettered the 11.80 Carifta standard in the preliminary round, topping her heat in 11.76.

St Clair stopped the clock at a personal best 46.53 seconds to win the Boys Under-20 400m final. The Abilene quarter-miler dominated his rivals. But for Kashief King (47.56), Judah Taylor (47.72) and Zidan Martin (47.78), there was the considerable consolation of diving under the 47.80 standard.

Serville won the Girls Under-18 400m in 55.08 seconds, the 14-year-old Memphis Pioneers athlete finishing well ahead of the chasing field.

Abilene's Avindale Smith and Falcons thrower Clarence Hannibal were also outstanding. Smith won the Boys Under-18 100m final in a wind-assisted 10.45 seconds, while Hannibal topped the Boys Under-20 discus field with a big 50.77 metres throw.

The trials continue from 10 0'clock this morning.

DAY 1 QUALIFIERS (standard in brackets)

Boys U-20 400 (47.80): 1st (final) Jacob St Clair (Abilene) 46.53; 2nd Kashief King (Point Fortin New Jets) 47.56; 3rd Judah Taylor (Abilene) 47.72; 4th Zidan Martin (I G Fastlane) 47.78

Boys U-20 110 hurdles (14.70): 1st (final) Jude Atwell (Petrotrin PaP) 14.66

Boys U-20 discus (47.00m): 1st Clarence Hannibal (Falcons) 50.77m; 2nd Konnel Jacob (Jaguars) 50.11m

Girls U-20 100 (11.80): 1st (final) Khalifa St Fort (unattached) 11.30; 1st (heat 2) St Fort 11.76

Girls U-20 discus (40.00m): 1st Kieanne Blackman (Memphis) 41.36m

Girls U-20 javelin (39.00m): 1st Asha James (Zenith) 42.96m; 2nd Akidah Briggs (Toco Titans) 39.94m

Boys U-18 100 (10.85): 1st (final) Avindale Smith (Abilene) 10.45; 2nd Adell Colthrust (Abilene) 10.50; 3rd Shakeel John (Concorde) 10.72; 4th Timothy Frederick (Point Fortin New Jets) 10.74; 1st (semi 2) Smith 10.71; 1st (semi 1) Colthrust 10.83

Boys U-18 400 (49.25): 1 Che Lara (Abilene) 47.80

Girls U-18 100 (12.15): 1st (final) Akilah Lewis (Concorde) 11.75; 2nd Ayla Stanisclaus (Zenith) 11.94; 3rd Deleth Charles (Memphis) 11.98; 1st (semi 1) Stanisclaus 11.82; 2nd Lewis 11.85; 1st (heat 2) Stanisclaus 12.07; 2nd Charles 12.11

Girls U-18 400 (57.00): 1st (final) Rae-Anne Serville (Memphis) 55.08; 2nd Joanna Rogers (Cougars) 56.67; 3rd Patrice Richards (Neon Wolves) 56.67; 1st (heat 2) Serville 56.00

Girls Under-18 100 hurdles (14.70): 1st (final) Cheziah Phillip (Toco Titans) 14.40

Girls U-18 shot put (13.50m): 1st Ianna Roach (Memphis) 14.30m

Girls U-18 javelin (40.00m): 1st Kymoi Noray (Zenith) 42.53m

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St Fort shines at Carifta trials
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CLOCKED 11.30 SECONDS: Khalifa St Fort

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