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Raising the bar - Deandra Daniel aims to take T&T higher

Kwame Laurence :: Trinidad Express :: 16.03.2017

Deandra Daniel wants to become the face of Trinidad and Tobago athletics.

"I believe I have everything to present T&T to the world," Daniel tells the Express, "and also influence young ladies to get involved in sports. It can take you so far."

A fine example of where sport can carry those who are committed, the Gasparillo high jumper is determined to transition successfully from student-athlete to pro athlete. The discipline acquired at Marabella North Secondary, and then Coppin State University in Maryland, USA, will hold her in good stead.

"Even before I went abroad, I was going to school and training. Athletics helped me manage my time much better."

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Raising the bar - Deandra Daniel aims to take T&T higher
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