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Why Ahye, Walcott were absent—Part II

Trinidad Guardian :: 27.03.2017

On Wednesday, the first part of this two part series was published, Here's Part II.

On Friday 17th March, The First Citizens Sports Foundations, announced five winners in various categories.

Sportsman of the Year—Keshorn Walcott;

Sportswoman of the Year—Michelle Lee-Ahye,

Jeffrey Stollmeyer award (Large category) —Trinidad and Tobago Cycling Federation;

(Small category)—Trinidad and Tobago Chess Association (Small category);

Lystra Lewis Trophy, which was given to the Women's National Cricket team.

On the surface, in my opinion, there can be little doubt on two of those awards, and many will say, that Walcott and Lee Ahye were overwhelming favourites to win in the overall men's and women's categories respectively.

The only sad note, would have been the non-appearance of both winners on the night, and whilst it was apparent that Lee-Ahye's absence was well-known as she is overseas in training and her proud mother receive the award on her behalf, there was both no Keshorn Walcott, or no family member there to collect his award. The fact, that reports are widespread that Walcott was in the country on the night, and was seen by some in the Capital city, is not good, if indeed it's true.

What could make someone not want to be present to be honoured with the President of the Republic, his peers and family and friends with the most prestigious sport award from his/her country. A country from whom he received acknowledgement and various rewards in the past. This has to be addressed going forward, and does not reflect highly on Walcott, unless there is a reason.

As for the other three awards, starting with the Lystra Lewis Award, I would suggest, that this award should only be given to a team that has inspired the country, and brought something different to the table, and not just given out to some group or organization, because it must be awarded. In a year such as 2016, I would have struggled to give anyone the award, as to be honest, not many persons seem to be aware why the Women's National Cricket team was honoured with the award.

The other award, the Jeffrey Stollmeyer Award in the two categories, large and small, in my mind this is flawed by the process that has been adopted, whereby, each Sporting organisation, has to fill out a form and submit their information, and only those which do this will succeed. This category must be examined to ensure that the awards is given because of results and nothing else.

Overall, yet again, it was certainly the stand-out event in sports production by the JCD and Associates team, as the time flew past quickly. However, going forward, might I suggest, that just as the T&T Olympic Committee fix the date of their awards to December 29th in any year, that a similar procedure is adopted by the First Citizens Sports Foundation, so as to set a fixed date and time. This would ensure that no one can say again or in the future, that they did not know the date in advance, and that there schedule was booked up for one reason or another. Fixing the date would also allow First Citizens to set the right example in terms of capturing the mood and need for discipline in this country.

Far too often we have to sway and move with people's time.


Why Ahye, Walcott were absent—Part II
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OUTSTANDING Members of the T&T Women's Cricket Team winners of the Lystra Lewis Award, At right is Lystra Lewis's daughter Petal Dawn Hinkson. The presentation took place during the 2016 First Citizens Sports Foundation 2016 "Sportwoman of the Year" and "Sportsman of the Year" award function to be held at Queen's Hall, St Ann's on Friday night.

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