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Mayaro youths shine at primary school games

Trinidad Express :: 29.03.2017

Mickel Grant, Javon Jones and Natasha Carter were among the outstanding performers when the 2017 bpTT Mayaro Primary Schools Zonal Athletic Games were held recently at the Mayaro Secondary School Grounds.

All three young athletes, competing in the 13-15 year age group, achieved victory in more than one discipline.

Grant, a student of Guayaguayare R.C., won gold in the boys' javelin and the 200 and 400 metres.

Jones, of Mafeking Government, won the boys' shot putt and discus events while Carter, representing Mayaro Government, claimed the girls' 100 and 400 metre titles.

Javon Jones, who also competed in the javelin and 100 metres, typified the enthusiasm of all the youngsters who took part.

"I competed in shot put, javelin, discus and 100 meter sprint and I was able to win in shot put and discus," the 12-year-old said. "I really want to represent Mayaro to the best of my ability and maybe one day, I could even represent Trinidad and Tobago and become an athlete ambassador for bpTT. No matter what happens, I had a great time today and I know that my parents will be proud of me."

The games, sponsored by energy company bP TT for the past 18 years, present young athletes from across the community with an opportunity to showcase their talent in competition with the hope of representing Mayaro at the district and national primary school levels. Reports state that all the primary schools of the area participated.

BPTT's Corporate Responsibility Manager Ronda Francis said the company was committed to developing human capacity in the community, describing the games as "a nurturing ground for the enormous potential that exists in these young people."

The games are held annually under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and Andy Paul, Mayaro Zonal Coordinator, pointed out that sports are a critical part of the development of students.

"It is a platform for the kids to discover and develop their talents at an early stage and each one of these kids performs with the hope of becoming the next Cleopatra Borel," Paul said.

Results (winners):

Field Winners (13–15)

  • Boys Shot Putt – Javon Jones (Mafeking Government)
  • Girls Shot Putt – Sapphire Bennett (Ortoire R.C.)
  • Boys Javelin – Mickel Grant (Guayaguayare R.C.)
  • Girls Javelin – Shenika Gray (Mafeking Government)
  • Boys Discus – Javon Jones (Mafeking Government)
  • Girls Discus – Jelisa Maya Ali (St. Thomas R.C., Mayaro)

Track Winners (13–15)

  • Boys 100 metres – Jahiem Paul (Guayaguayare R.C.)
  • Girls 100 metres – Natasha Carter (Mayaro Government)
  • Boys 200 metres – Mickel Grant (Guayaguayare R.C.
  • Girls 200 metres – Shenika Gray (Mafeking Government)
  • Boys 400 metres – Mickel Grant (Guayaguayare R.C.)
  • Boys 400 metres – Natasha Carter (Mayaro Government)

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Mayaro youths shine at primary school games
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TIGHT FINISH: The top three produce an exciting end to the girls 100 metres at the bpTT Mayaro Zonal Primary School Athletics Games

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