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Lord Coe hails successful Carifta Games

Flow, NACAC partnership benefiting young Caribbean athletes

Trinidad Express :: 19.04.2017

The partnership between telecoms provider Flow and the North American, Central American and Caribbean Athletics Association (NACAC) has been hailed as a triumph for regional athletics. 

According to Lord Sebastian Coe, president of the International Association of Athletic Federations (IAAF), greater benefits are now being delivered to young Caribbean athletes through the worldwide coverage available.

"What has been established with Flow is nothing short of phenomenal. My eyes have been opened to the quality of the Carifta Games," said Coe, a four-time Olympic medal winner. "One of the most popular questions I get is 'where is the next Usain Bolt coming from'. I couldn't answer that question until I came to the Carifta Games. If you come to the Carifta Games you will find out."

Lord Coe also said the results of Caribbean athletes on the international stage were directly a result of their participation in school-based athletics and the Flow Carifta Games. This is the second year of Flow's three-year partnership with NACAC.

"The quality of sport at the international level is dependent on what is happening at the local level, and it is no coincidence that in the forty six years of the Carifta Games, the quality and the vibrancy of Caribbean athletics at the international level has grown exponentially," he said.

"There is no Caribbean athlete that has graduated to the very highest level of sport that cannot look to the opportunities that the Flow Carifta Games has afforded them, and I want to congratulate NACAC for establishing its relationship with Flow.

It is very important there is now a relationship that allows the Carifta Games to be seen not just around the region, but across the globe on a number of platforms. This is the future of our sport."

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Lord Coe hails successful Carifta Games - Flow, NACAC partnership benefiting young Caribbean athletes
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GOLDEN ANCHOR: Trinidad and Tobago anchorman Kashief King, right, battles to the line alongside Jamaica's Christopher Taylor in the Flow Carifta Games boys' under-20 4x400 metres relay, in Willemstad, Curacao, on Monday. T&T won in three minutes, 09.32 seconds. —Photo: NIGEL BROWNE/FLOW

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