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Granny Luces has scare before 90th birthday

Jelani Beckles :: Newsday :: 28.11.2017

Iconic local figure Lynette 'Granny' Luces, who will celebrate her 90th birthday next week, got a minor setback yesterday leading to the major milestone.

Luces fell yesterday at her home and was taken to the doctor to make sure there were no broken bones. Her daughter, Merle, said her mother is fine and in good spirits despite the scare. "(It was) nothing heavy, everything is good so far. She was jumping and taking pictures with doctors. It was just precautionary, I just wanted to make sure everything is good," Merle said.

Luces is popularly known for participating and completing long distance races throughout Trinidad and Tobago and the world. She will turn 90 on Wednesday but her family and friends plan to celebrate the milestone with her on Sunday with a party in Tunapuna.

Luces made her marathon debut in 1983 at age 55, and since then, she has been a favourite among spectators and her fellow competitors. Luces has recognised for her achievements in running as she received the Hummingbird Medal Gold in 2013.

Merle said some prominent individuals may attend the party. "We are going to have some food with her and we are going to have some important people. The pastor from the (Seventh Day Adventist) church will attend. Granny always admired (former Prime Minister) Basdeo Panday. His daughter said if he is available he will come, if not he, will send a representative."

Merle said her mother has always motivated her to live a healthy lifestyle. "She inspired me to keep fit no matter what age. She inspired me to keep healthy and to thrive and maintain a healthy weight and also to eat the right foods, to live right and to abstain from all that is not good."


Granny Luces has scare before 90th birthday
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Lynette 'Granny' Luces


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