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Kelvin Nancoo West Games run off

Newsday :: 06.03.2018

THE FIRST leg of the Nestle Milo-sponsored Kelvin Nancoo Primary School Games will take place today, when schools in West Port of Spain and Environs battle for supremacy at the Hasely Crawford Stadium in Mucurapo, from 9 am.

For the past 31 years, Nestle Milo has sponsored the Milo West Games for schools in west Port of Spain and environs.

However, for the first time, youngsters in east Port of Spain will have the opportunity to showcase their talent, when the East Port of Spain District Games are held on Thursday from 9 am. These two meets will be known as the Kelvin Nancoo Primary School Games and the organisers have titled it "East Meets West." Last year, for the 30th anniversary of the Games, the organising committee took the decision to rename the Milo West Games to pay tribute to long-time organiser Nancoo, whose contribution has been invaluable to primary schools track and field.

Some of the top schools that are expected to compete at the West District Games are Diamond Vale Government, Diego Martin Government, Carenage Girls and Dunross Preparatory.

Schools featuring at the East District Games include Morvant Anglican, Lower Morvant Government, St Dominic's RC and Success RC.


Kelvin Nancoo West Games run off
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Kelvin Nancoo, centre, with primary school students who will compete at the Kelvin Nancoo Primary School Games this week.


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