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Roach,Horsford in search of CARIFTA medals

Newsday :: 31.03.2018

IANNA ROACH, the 2017 First Citizens Sports Foundation Youth Sportswoman of the Year, and Tyriq Horsford are the major names in the fray, as TT begins its medal quest, at the 2018 CARIFTA Track and Field Championships, in Nassau, Bahamas today.

Roach won gold in the girls Under-18 shot put at the 2017 edition in Curacao, while Horsford triumphed in the Boys Under-18 javelin. Both athletes will be seeking to top their respective podiums, this time in the Under-20 divisions.

Among the major events on today's agenda are 100 metres, 400 metres and 1500 metres (boys and girls Under-17 and Under-20 categories), girls Under-17 high jump, boys Under-17 javelin, girls Under-17 shot put and boys Under-17 triple jump.

The CARIFTA Track and Field Championships will run until Monday.


Boys Under-20 - Ako Hislop (100m, 4x100m - Kaizen Panthers), Che Lara (400m, 4x400m - Abilene Wildcats), Clarence Hannibal (discus, shot put - Falcons), Franklyn Stanisclaus (octathlon - Kaizen Panthers), Jabari Fox (4x400m - PFNJ), Jahi Hernandez (4x400m - Abilene Wildcats), Jaydon Antoine (long jump - Neon Wolves), Joel Andrews (octathlon - DPAC), Justen O'Brien (4x400m - Abilene Wildcats), Konnel Jacob (discus, shot put - Jaguars), Kriston Charles (5000m - Richard Jones Racing), Onal Mitchell (400m, 4x400m - PFNJ), Onil Mitchell (4x100m - PFNJ), Timothy Frederick (200m, 4x100m - Simplex), Tyrell Edwards (100m, 200m, 4x100m - Toco Titans), Tyrese Rawlins (110m hurdles, 4x100m - Neon Wolves), Tyriq Horsford (javelin - Zenith).

Girls Under-20 - Akilah Lewis (100m, 200m - Concorde), Aquilla St Louis (heptathlon - DPAC), Ianna Roach (shot put - Memphis), Janea Spinks (100m - Concorde), Joanna Rogers (800m - Cougars), Kymoi Noray (javelin - Zenith), Safiya John (heptathlon - Kaizen Panthers), Talena Murray (javelin - Zenith), Tamia Badal (100m hurdles - Couva Cougars).

Boys Under-17 - Avindale Smith (200m, 400m, 4x400m - Abilene), Che Saunders (high jump - Kaizen Panthers), Jordan Pope (4x400m - Concorde), Malachi Haywood (4x400m - PFNJ), Saeed Pompey (4x400m - Morvant Jets), Savion Joseph (long jump - Zenith), Shakeem Mc Kay (100m, 200m, 4x400m - Memphis Pioneers), Veayon Joseph (javelin - Zenith).

Girls Under-17 - Malika Coutain (4x400m - PFNJ), Natasha Fox (400m, 4x400m - PFNJ), Nicola Pesnell (4x400m, 100m H, 400m - Memphis Pioneers), Patrice Richards (hurdles, 4x400m - Neon Wolves, Rae-Anne Servillle (400m, 4x400m - Memphis Pioneers), Shaniqua Bascombe (100m, 200m - Cougars), Faith Edwards (long jump - Neon Wolves), Taejha Badal (100m, 200m, Couva Cougars).

Officials - Lucretia Burns (manager), Ronnell Barclay (assistant manager), Nadine Hamid (head coach throws), Wade Franklyn (throws), Michelle Pennie (jumps), Wendell Williams (jumps), Arlon Morrison (combined events), Analee Walcott (combined events), Kelvin Nancoo (sprints), Eric Mc Cree (sprints), Dave Sandy (sprints), Hydianne Harper-Simmons (sprints), Jason Pilgrim (physiotherapist), Kurlin Smith-Nicholas (massage therapist), Anthony Walcott (massage therapist), Clint Mc kenzie (massage therapist), Anyl Gopeesingh (doctor TBC).


Roach,Horsford in search of CARIFTA medals
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Tyriq Horsford


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