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PM praises Ahye on 100m victory

Trinidad Guardian :: 11.04.2018

On behalf of the Government of the Republic of T&T, I wish to offer heartfelt congratulations to Michelle-Lee Ahye on her well-deserved victory on Monday in the 100m women's final at the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Australia.

Ms. Ahye's superb performance is undoubtedly the result of hard work and dedication developed over the course of many years. The distinction of becoming the first woman to win a Commonwealth Gold medal for T&T in the 100m sprint will undoubtedly inspire other young women and girls to aim for similar excellence in the field of sport.

I also take this opportunity to commend the efforts of Dylan Carter, who also made history for T&T in securing this country's first ever swimming medal at the Commonwealth Games, after winning the silver medal in the 50M butterfly on Friday.

These young people, as well as our other athletes at the Games who continue to exert themselves and strive for excellence, have trained rigorously and sacrificed considerably along the way to accomplish their goals. Their efforts are extremely admirable and certainly uplift the nation.

I join with all citizens in recognising the outstanding performance of Ms. Ahye as she and her colleagues continue to make T&T proud.

Dr Keith Rowley

Prime Minister of the Republic of T&T

The Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs (MSYA) joins T&T in extending congratulations to Michelle-Lee Ahye who won the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games women's 100 metre final at the Carrara Stadium, Gold Coast, Australia on Monday. Michelle completed the race in an outstanding 11.14 seconds. Her win at the Games was historic for T&T as it became the country's first Gold in this event.

Over the years, Michelle-Lee Ahye has proven to be one of the T&T's top female athletes, competing at various national, regional and international events such as the T&T NAAATT Championships 100 metres in both 2013 and 2014, the IAAF World Indoor Championships in Poland in 2014 and the Olympic Games in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Other members of Team TTO who participated in the women's 100 metre final included Khalifa St Fort and Reyare Thomas who finished sixth (6th) and seventh (7th) respectively.

The MSYA also congratulates all our other athletes on their performances at the Games. The Ministry stands committed to establishing clear pathways towards holistic sport development and sporting achievement, which lead to the evolution and growth of our nation and the citizens who represent our T&T with great pride.

Well done!


PM praises Ahye on 100m victory
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Michelle-Lee Ahye of T&T reacts after winning the women's 100m final at Carrara Stadium during the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast, Australia on Monday. She clocked 11.14 seconds. (AP) Photo by:Dita Alangkara

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