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Two well-deserved gold medals for T&T

Alvin Corneal :: Trinidad Guardian :: 13.04.2018

Jereem Richards has achieved a remarkable feat again as he battled his way towards the finish line of the 200 metres final to land precious gold for T&T.

Those who experienced the development of our young people, may well have detected the positive dedication of this young man, whose general demeanour can easily demonstrate a level of composure, a disciplined approach to what we have seen on the athletic track across the world, and most of all the humility he expresses even in moments of intensity.

While I also recognise the superb victory by Michelle-Lee Ahye in the final of the 100 metres of the Commonwealth Games, I viewed each of these events differently.

It was clear that some unnecessary remarks made by a former athlete seemed to have caused the experienced sprinter some discomfort, Michel tended to believe that an immediate response was necessary and possibly silent punishment for the aggravation which she rejected.

However, let us compare the two successes, although we are all happy over the exposure which this country enjoyed at the Games so far.

Jereem has appeared to be a well organised person, whose body language could only be described as "calm and calculative".

Even leading up to the starting blocks for his events, he likened his movements and probable prayer to his master, as moments which lent themselves to his challenge and nothing else. While he treated his qualifying race with a superb victory, a performance which would have angered his opponents throughout his successful run.

The final brought out a number of features in this young man which we must all sit back and take example, especially for our own manner of approaching life.

The starting pistol did nothing but a methodological departure from his normal crouch position and we can only assume that his every stride seemed to be what he wanted out of his effort. His head to head clash with leader Englishman Zharnel Hughes was a joy to watch, as he gradually increased his speed, closing in on the one which most fans thought would be the winner. No one saw the smooth striding youngster whispering closely past Hughes.

That created a mental panic which caused the Englishman to change his orthodox arm swing into an alleged elbow obstruction at what he thought was the crucial moment. It was! The widened arm swing pushed Jereem out of his stride, but it did not change his concentration.

His willingness and composure provided his final effort towards the line and equalled the time with the talented Englishman.

However, the judges were robbed of deliberating on the swing of Hughes left hand, since it was his stepping on the lane line is what saw him being disqualified in the midst of the end race celebrations.

So that brought victory to Jereem. But the honesty and ethical behaviour following the end of the race was more than just the winner of the race, but a demonstration of sportsmanship when he moved to shake Hughes hand, despite if he thought that he was fouled.

His humility and maybe his silent words to the Lord, has sent a message to the young people who cheered him on.

Michelle-Lee can take a page out of the Jereem's book and do not allow some unnecessary useless comments determine her future events.

Congrats to both Ahye and Richards and the rest of the athletes who are flying our national flag on the world stage with pride, honour and respect. This is one of the most memorable and fulfilling moment in the history of our sport for T&T.


Two well-deserved gold medals for T&T
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Alvin Corneal

Guardian Media

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