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Andrews snares U-20 Decathlon title

Trinidad Guardian :: 23.05.2018

Joel Andrews scored the most points on the weekend in the National Association of Athletics Administration (NAAA) Combined Events Championships, to emerge the champion of the Boys Under-20 Decathlon.

The D'Abadie Progressive athlete tallied 5,959 points to win the 10-discipline event at the Hasely Crawford Stadium in Mucurapo against initially eight competitors.

After day one of competition on Saturday, Andrews led with 3,199 points against initially eight competitors but went down to seven with the exit of Morvant Jets' Kyle Phillips following the second discipline.

Then Andrews placed fourth in the 100 metres in 11.54 seconds to earn 744 points and fifth in the long jump with a 5.90m-leap (565). He went on to score 591 in placing first in the shot put (11.74m), 585 for fourth place in the high jump (1.75m) and 714, placing second in the 400m (52.25 seconds).

On the second day, Andrews was best in the discus with 36.41m (592), the pole vault with 3.20m (406), third in javelin with 40.94m (456) and second in the 1,500m in 5:05.17 (530).

Anson Mason of Tobago Falcons was Andrews closest challenger tallying 5,567 and third was Aaron Caesar (Unattached) with 5,540. Franklyn Stanisclaus (Kaizen Panthers) was fourth with 5,505 and Shaquille Benjamin (Zenith) fifth with 5,122.

The men's version of the event was a two-man competition between Kerlon Ashby (Kaizen Panthers) and Omari Benoit of Tobago Falcons after Jameel Joseph made an early exit. Ashby won gold with 5,622 with Benoit copping silver with 5,327.

In the Girls U-20 Heptathlon, Safiya John of Kaizen Panthers prevailed with a 4,551-point effort, finishing ahead of Antonia Sealy (Unattached), who mustered 4,185 and Aquilla St Louis (D'Abadie Progressive) with 4,072.

John came from behind to win gold after St Louis had ended the first day with 2,743 points from the opening four disciplines including 110m hurdles in 14.87 (859), high jump with 1.54m (666), shot put with 8.00m (399) and 200m in 25.75 (819). In comparison, John was a close second with 2,709 with respective results of 15.53m (773), 1.57m (701), 9.44m (493) and 26.64 (742), in the first four disciplines.

She rebounded on day two winning the long jump with 5.57m (720), and 800m in 2:38.32 (592) and placed second in the javelin with a 32.79m-throw for 530 points.

Sealy elevated her performance on the second day as well to sneak into silver medal spot. Her results read: 16.54m (649), 1.39m (502), 10.67m (573), 26.98 seconds (713), 5.06m (576), 36.42m (599) and 2:40.02, respectively.


Boys U-17: 1 Nathaniel Mathura (D'Abadie Progressive) 4,854; 2 Justin Guy (Kaizen Panthers) 4,836; 3 Che Saunders (Kaizen Panthers) 4,022; 4 Anthony Diaz (La Brea Athletics) 3,701; 5 Dimitri Francis (Morvant Jets) 3,462
Boys U-15 NACAC: 1 Keone John (Memphis Pioneers) 4,253; 2 Dorian Charles (La Brea Athletics) 4,030; 3 Aaron Antoine (Neon Wolves) 3,954; 4 Wayne Edwards (Memphis Pioneers) 3,896; 5 Le Bron James (Tobago Falcons) 3,670
Girls U-17: 1 Malika Coutain (PFNJ) 3,754; 2 Sanaah Richards (Oasics) 1,566; 3 Jade Lawrence (Newton) 1,396; 4 Jenique Lewis (Oasics) 1,078
Girls U-15 NACAC: 1 Natasha Fox (PFNJ) 3,801; 2 Kayla Caesar (Memphis Pioneers) 2,938; 3 Aalisha Jones (Oasics) 2,664; 4 Salisha Marshall (D'Abadie Progressive) 2,578; 5 Kevisjah Figaro (Unattached) 2,240
Pentathlon NACAC
Boys U-13: 1 Jaidi James (Tobago Falcons) 2,634; 2 Jahaziel David (Tobago Jaguars) 2,531; 3 Andre Joseph (Unattached) 2437; 4 Maurice Guevara (ZC Athletics) 2,290; 5 Mahkaya Mahon (Oasics) 2,251
Girls U-13: 1 Gianna Paul (D'Abadie Progressive) 2,491; 2 Kernesha Shelborne (Oasics) 2,403; 3 Rhianna Jackson (Air Bon Sonics) 2,300; 4 Janae Thomas (PFNJ) 2,067; 5 Chloe James (Mercury) 2,032
Boys U-11: 1 Tyrique Vincent (ZC Athletics) 2,019; 2 Darius Marcus (Tobago Falcons) 1,668; 3 Jaleel Eugene (Memphis Pioneers) 1,602; 4 Kai James (Tobago Jaguars) 1,588; 5 Roshan Jackson (Air Bon Sonics) 1,575
Girls U-11: 1 Tenique Vincent (ZC Athletics) 1,570; 2 Nailah Isles (ZC Athletics) 1,497; 3 McKailah Warde (ZC Athletics) 1,401; 4 Teshawna Pope (Memphis Pioneers) 1,352; 5 Andreen Sylvester (Morvant Jets) 1,286
Boys U-9: 1 Amarley Henry (Tobago Jaguars) 1,131; 2 Malik Charles (PFNJ) 1,020; 3 Michael Paul (D'Abadie Progressive) 966; 4 Kristian Thomas (Concorde) 938; 5 Niam Sealy (Unattached) 862
Girls U-9: 1 Kiwanna Simmons (Laura Pierre Eagles) 585; 2 Kyann Nicholson (Air Bon Sonics) 524; 3 Ella-Marie Young (Concorde) 522; 4 Jadel Joseph (PFNJ) 520; 5 Jade Ramsaran (La Brea Athletic) 518


Andrews snares U-20 Decathlon title
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Joel Andrews (D'Abadie Progressive) competes in the discus event en route to winning the boys Under-20 Decathlon with 5,959 points

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