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Richard Jones Racing group triumphs at NP relay

Joel Bailey :: .Newsday :: 26.01.2019

THE Richard Jones Racing group triumphed yesterday in the National Petroleum (NP)-sponsored relay at the Queen's Park Savannah, Port of Spain.

This event kickstarted the TT International Marathon Festival, which features the Kiss-sponsored 5K today (at the Savannah) and the International Marathon (from Freeport to the Savannah) tomorrow.

The relay featured teams of six running a lap each around the Savannah, with the start and finish point opposite Whitehall.

The Richard Jones Racing group, comprising Anthony Phillip, Matthew Hagley, Elvis Turner, Jones, Shirvan Baboolal and Triston Scott (in that order), completed the race in one hour 16 minutes 11.4 seconds.

One A Week II were second in a time of one minute 23 minutes 4.3 seconds, and the TT Coast Guard were third in one hour 24 minutes 33.8 seconds.

The 11-year-old Scott, who ran the final leg, said, "I (am) thankful that my coaches and my teammates went to do hard and let me have a big lead."

He was pleased with the role played by Jones in his successful run.

"I'm thankful that he helped me," said Scott. "I'm very happy."

When asked about his group's performance, Jones replied, "I feel really happy. The guys were a bit anxious but once we structured it okay, it would have worked out fine."

He said, "We tried to structure it based on strength where we could have (given) Triston a little cushion (to gain) a bit of experience. I think he walked into that challenge (okay). He didn't look nervous to me."

He was not bothered by the humid atmosphere yesterday.

"It was okay," Jones said. "It was a hot day, but the sun went down and it got cooler. I think everybody had a good time."

A few of his runners will be involved in the other events this weekend, including Baboolal, who will participate in today's 5K.


Richard Jones Racing group triumphs at NP relay
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Richard Jones (second from left) and Triston Scott (centre) pose with members of the Richard Jones Racing group after their victory at yesterday's TT International Marathon Relay at the Queen's Park Savannah, Port of Spain


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