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Phillip's death overshadows Tobago race

Keith Clement :: Trinidad Guardian :: 19.05.2019

Chief Secretary Kelvin Charles expresses sincere condolences to the family and friends of Sea to Sea Marathoner Andy Phillip, 48, who passed away on Saturday morning at Calder Hall, Tobago.

According to a Police report, Phillip collapsed near the finish line at Petit Trou Beach and was transported by the Tobago Emergency Medical Services (TEMS) to the Scarborough General Hospital's Accident and Emergency Department. However, after attempts by the hospital team to resuscitate Phillip, he eventually succumbed to his condition.

Chief Secretary Charles says, "This is certainly not the kind of news I wished to hear coming out of one of our premier sporting events. I am deeply saddened by it. I have already spoken to Phillip's partner. Natasha Woodley and expressed my deepest condolences. I would also like to extend my sympathy to the Sea to Sea family and the organisers. My prayers are with all the family, friends and the event at this time."

Charles thanks all responders who diligently contributed to the efforts to save Phillip including, TEMS, the hospital team and the Tobago Emergency Management Agency (TEMA), who assisted in transporting relatives of Mr. Phillip to the Scarborough General Hospital.

The Tobago International Sea to Sea Marathon Family wishes to express our condolences to the family and friends of Phillip. One of the organisers said, "We are broken-hearted at this time. He got called to run a bigger race this morning. We pray God's peace and comfort upon his wife and family at this time."

Rest In Peace Andy Phillip, our good friend, soldier and brother. Till we meet again.

Cuba Olympian Richer Perez Cobas is the 2019 Sea to Sea Marathon 10K champion after he clocked 31 minutes 19 seconds, outsprinting Kenyan Alex Ekesa (31:22) to the Lambeau Beach finish line in Tobago yesterday. 

Didimo Sanchez Mendoza of Venezuela came in third in 32:25 with Jose Elmer Ararat of Colombia fourth in 33:46.

Oshane Archibald (34:53) of Jamaica crossed fifth and won the Caricom Category. 

TTDF's George Smith was sixth in 35:16 and copped the 2nd place overall in the Caricom Category.

Guyanese Lionel Dandrade III (37:15) finished seventh and was the third overall among the Caricom runners. Kade Sobers of Tobago (37:23) and Guswil George (37:43) of TTRRC finished eighth and ninth respectively.

In tenth place overall and the first woman was Raquel Agudelo Berrio of Colombia, who stopped the clock at 38:24. April Francis of Abilene Wildcats finished second among the women in 45:43 and won the first prize in the female Caricom Category. Christiane Farah (46:07) was the third overall woman and was the second Caricom female. Evelyn Douglas-Jacob (49:10) was the 4th overall woman and the third Caricom female. Ifeula Gooding (49:18) ended fifth overall among the women's field.

Yesterday 5K results

Top 5 Men's

1. Godffrey Mbihia, Kenya, 14:59

2. Anthony Phillip, 16:36

3. Jediael Walters, 16:43

4. Kareem Mason, Jr, 16:53

5. Kyle Younglao, 16:58

6. Kirston Charles, 17:43

Top 5 Women's 

1. Atiya Croal, 23:19

2. Kim Munksgaard, 23:22

3. Gyasi Lewis, 23:29

4. Janeil Bailey, 24:38

5. Allison Yearwood, 24:53

6. Q-Jhea Stewart*, 24:59.

*National Primary Schools 3K champion.


Phillip's death overshadows Tobago race
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Distance runner Andy Phillip

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