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Elcock sprints to MAP 100m gold

Rachael Thomspon-King :: Trinidad Guardian :: 21.05.2019

Jerod Elcock sped away with gold for a second consecutive week in the men's 100 metres at the Maximising Athletic Potential (MAP) Sporting Club Invitational Games on Saturday at the Mannie Ramjohn Stadium in Marabella. 

The Abilene Wildcats sprinter clocked a wind-assisted (1.0) 10.40 seconds to win the dash, bettering his time of 10.44 he ran last weekend in taking the top spot in the event at his club's Track Classic. It was one of three medals won by Elcock, two gold and one silver.

At the Marabella meet, Elcock got to the line comfortably ahead of Jalen Purcell of Simplex in 10.51 and Memphis Pioneers' Ian Thomas in 10.71.

Later, Elcock nabbed his second gold medal of the day, running the anchor leg when partnering with Adell Colthrust, Jahi Hernandez and John-Mark Constantine to lead Abilene to victory in 40.69. In second place was Uwi Track & Field (Tauren Christian-George, Chad Richards, Andrew Holder, Ayodele Taffe) in 41.12 and third was Point Fortin New Jets' ( PFNJ) Onal Mitchell, Onil Mitchell, Cyrus Charles and Justin Maloney in 41.65. 

The silver came in the 4x400m relay, where he linked with Justen O'Brien, Sheldon Mason and Jahi Hernandez, Abilene 'B' team, to cross in 3:15.70 behind winner Abilene's George Lezama, Ohdel James, Nicholas Drayton and Judah Taylor, running in that order, to win in 3:15.20. In third place was Concorde (Jordan Pope, Daniel Gibbs, Orane Thompson, Shomari John) in 3:21.48. 

Both Colthrust and Taylor also had top podium finishes in their respective individual events. The former also had success in the Boys U-20 100m, topping the event in 10.96 (-4.4w) over Concorde's Omari Lewis (11.24) and Memphis' Marcus Purcell (11.29).

Taylor earlier won the men's 400m with 47.95, beating Alpha Athletic Club's Tacuma Sterling (47.98) and James (48.69), respectively. 

The girls were not to be outdone as Cougars athletes Karessa Kirton and J'Nae Bertete were golden in both of the events they competed in.

Kirton won gold in the Girls U-17: (2.5w) in a time of 12.03 with her clubmate Reneisha Andrews second in 12.12 and Kyah La Fortune of Simplex in third (12.38).

Kirton and Andrews were also part of the Cougars relay unit which also included Jorvan Westfield and Tyrique Meijas, who won the Mixed U-17 4x100m final in 45.03. Abilene (Alison Phillip, Jasiah Franklin, Mercedes Solarzano, Shakeem Mc Kay) placed second (46.79) and Simplex (Ja'el Zamore, Elijah Cummings, Kyah La Fortune, Thane Mohammed), third in 46.95. 

Bertete sped to victory in the Girls U-11 (-1.9w) in 14.37 with Mahky Modeste-Nathaniel (Simplex) second in 14.81 and in third place, Nikita Gosine (Simplex) in 14.90. In the morning session, her Cougars team which also included Naima Julius, Jonas Guytan, Savion Adams, won the Mixed U-11 4x100m relay in 54.40. 

Again Cougars dominated the 4x100 relays, also winning the Mixed U-15 and U-13 categories.



Women: (-0.8 wind) 1 Akila Mc Shine (Alpha Athletic) 12.22; 2 Jodiah Mc Sween (Utt Fast Track) 12.35; Tsai-Anne Joseph (Abilene) 12.51

Girls U-20: (-2.4w) 1 Akilah Lewis (Concorde) 12.01; 2 Naomi Campbell (PFNJ) 12.23; 3 Leah Bertrand (Simplex) 12.26 

Boys U-17: (0.1w) 1 Anthony Diaz (PFNJ) 11.24; 2 Jesaiah Greenidge (Concorde) 11.33; 3 ElijahCummings (Simplex) 11.52

Boys U-15: 1 Zion Sylvester (ZC) 11.67; 2 Enoch Joseph (Abilene) 11.78; 3 Mikhail Byer (MAP) 11.82

Girls U-15: (-1.5w) 1 Janae De Gannes (Zenith) 12.35; 2 Jernissa Kadoo (Simplex) 12.38; 3 Janika Jordan (Cougars) 12.55 

Boys U-13: (-1.5w) 1 Immani Matthew (Toco Titans) 12.75; 2 Isaiah Clark (ZC) 12.78; 3 MakaelanWoods (Cougars) 13.06

Girls U-13: (1.9w) 1 Peters, Kaziah (Simplex) 13.08; 2 Jaden Bastien (Simplex) 13.38; 3 Jenna Marie Thomas (IG Fastlane) 13.45 

Boys U-11: (0.9w) 1 Savion Adams (Cougars) 13.36; 2 Akul Simon (Memphis) Pioneers 13.68; 3 Jonas Guytan (Cougars) 13.73

Boys U-9: 1 Aiden Lancaster (Simplex) 15.46; 2 Szercharie Archer (Simplex) 15.54; 3 Elijah Derrick (Simplex) 15.70 

Girls U-9: (0.2w) 1 Jael Peters (Burnley) 14.62; 2 Akilah Chinapoo (Simplex) 15.47; 3 Yanique Stewart (Toco Titans) 16.15 


Boys U-20: 1 Jabari Fox (PFNJ) 48.29, 2 Chazz Alexander (Simplex) 48.55; 3 Aaron Cardinez (Simplex) 49.99 

Girls U-20:1 Rae-Anne Serville (Memphis) Pioneers 55.03; Brianna Lord (Abilene) 56.34; 3 Camile Lewis (Silver Bullet) 57.42 

Boys U-17: 1 Shakeem Mc Kay (Abilene) 49.72; 2 Joshua Mascall (FAS) 51.80; 3 Cyril Sumner (Memphis) 51.99 

Girls U-17: 1 Christiemarie Maharaj (Silver Bullet) 57.94; 2 Malika Coutain (PFNJ) 58.03; 3 Xea Bruce (Toco Titans) 58.29

Boys U-15: 1 Tyreese James (Memphis) 53.83; 2 Zeke Mottley (Cougars) 53.90; 3 Kyrell Thomas (Cougars) 54.18 

Girls U-15: 1 Gianna Paul (T&T Unattached) 1:00.52; 2 Amaya Mitchell (Abilene) 1:00.86; 3 Naomi Pierce (Memphis) 1:03.44


Men: 1 Mark London (Zenith) 1:54.62; 2 Daniel Gibbs (Mustangs) 1:55.15; 3 Masai Jeffers (St Kitts & Nevis) 1:57.07 

Women: 1 Camile Lewis (Silver Bullet) 2:21.31; 2 Shania Le Maitre (Rebirth) 2:22.46; 3 Zinara Lesley (MAP) 2:28.83 

Boys U-20: 1 Matthew Pulchan (PSSC) 1:58.88; 2 Mishak Peters (Abilene) 1:59.69; 3 Issac Lewis (Memphis) 2:02.13 

Girls U-17: 1 Octavia Cambridge (Cougars) 2:24.19; 2 Kaylay John (PFNJ) 2:28.14; 3 Faith Deane (Abilene) 3:02.03 

Boys U-17: 1 Cyril Sumner (Memphis) 2:01.49; 2 Joshua Mascall (FAS) 2:02.55; 3 Stefan Camejo (Memphis) 2:04.73 


Men: 1 Masai Jeffers (St Kitts & Nevis) 4:10.99; 2 Justin Heresley (Mustangs)4:29.70; 3 Shaquille Roberts (Silver Bullet) 4:41.94 

Women: 1 Zinara Lesley (MAP) 5:29.59; 2 De Lisha Paul (T&T Unattached) 5:42.51; 3 Michaelene Williams (Utt Fast Track) 6:01.04 

4x100m relay

Boys U-15: 

1 Cougars (Kyrell Thomas, Tyrell Springer, Tafari Waldron, Kaiyin Morris) 46.44

2 Abilene (Daeshaun Cole, Jabari Branche, Antonio Smith, Enoch Joseph) 47.26 

Girls U-15: 

1 Simplex (Sydney Hosford, Eugenie Britto, Breanna Bastien, Jernissa Kadoo) 50.00

2 Cougars (Makeda Edwards, Janika Jordan, Jayda Cummings, Kianna Llewellyn) 50.54 

Mixed U-13:

1 Cougars (Shakur Joseph, Makaelan Woods, Tisha Russel, Fatima Springer) 53.11

2 Simplex (Maya Ramkellawan, Kadeem Chinapoo, Knychola Boucaud, Emmanuel James) 53.24

3 Cougars 'B' (Jeniece Burton, Hakim Salandy, Shania Thomas, Josiah Grant) 53.59 

Mixed U-11:

1 Cougars (Naima Julius, Jonas Guytan, J'Nae Bertete, Savion Adams) 54.40 

2 Simplex (Mahkylaa Modeste-Nathaniel, David Bernard, Nikita Gosine, Nathan Mendoza) 56.30 

3 Abilene (Jade Jones, Elijah Mitchell, Jeverne Joseph-Small, Josiah Hunte) 57.65 

Mixed U-9:

1 Simplex (Danae Roberts, Aiden Lancaster, Akilah Chinapoo, Szercharie Archer) 1:03.09 

2 Cougars (Seth Sylvester, Brittney Morgan, Skye Charles, Hasheem Salandy) 1:04.29 

3 PFNJ (Kai Perez, Jadel Joseph, Jonathan Huggins, Jaylon Franklin) 1:04.31 

Mixed U-20 

1 Concorde (Reese Webster, Jordan Pope, Akilah Lewis, Omari Lewis) 44.17 

2 Abilene (Kaylon Thompson, Brianna Lord, Caitlin Ragoonanan, Adell Colthrust) 44.48 


1 Abilene (Adell Colthrust, Jahi Hernandez, John-Mark Constantine, Jerod Elcock) 40.69 

2 Uwi Track & Field (Tauren Christian-George, Chad Richards, Andrew Holder, Ayodele Taffe) 41.12 

3 PFNJ (Onal Mitchell, Onil Mitchell, Cyrus Charles, Justin Maloney) 41.65 

Men's 200m Masters (0.8 w): 1 Philbert Ryce (Defence Force) 23.78; 2 Allicks Connor (Spartans) 24.35; 3 Martin Prime (ZC) 25.28


Elcock sprints to MAP 100m gold
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Jerod Elcock of Abilene Wildcats, left, sprints to gold in Men's 100m in 10.40 at the MAP Invitational Games at the Mannie Ramjohn Stadium in Marabella. Jalen Purcell of Simplex, second from left, was second, Ian Thomas of Memphis Pioneers (centre), third and Jahi Hernandez of Abilene Wildcats (second from right) was fourth. Xaverri Williams of Stallions (right) was eighth.

Elcock sprints to MAP 100m gold
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Karessa Kirton of Cougars, left, wins Girls U-17 100m in 12.03 at the MAP Invitational Games. Club-mate Reneisha Andrews (second from right) was second ahead of Kyah La Fortune of Simplex (third from right) in third with Natasha Fox of Point Fortin New Jets (second from left) in fourth, Jada Duprey of Cougars (second from right), fifth and Chelsea Mukerji of Memphis Pioneers (right) in sixth.

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