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Walcott golden in Finland

Kwame Laurence :: Trinidad Express :: 03.06.2019

Keshorn Walcott was golden at a meet in Kuortane, Finland, last Thursday. The 26-year-old threw 81.68 metres for a comfortable victory in the men's javelin.

Another Trinidad and Tobago athlete, Shakeil Waithe finished third with a 76.05m effort. Finland's Toni Kuusela separated the T&T pair, landing the spear a personal best 78.62m to secure second spot.

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Walcott opened with the big 81.68m effort. He followed up at 79.03, and then fouled in round three. The 2012 Olympic champion threw 79.90m in the fourth round, 74.78m in the fifth, and fouled again in the sixth and final round.

Waithe's 76.05m effort came in the opening round. The 23-year-old had just one other legal throw in the competition, 71.87m. He fouled three times and passed on his sixth attempt.


Walcott golden in Finland
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