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Serville breaks record, Bascombe shares spotlight

Rachael Thomspon-King :: Trinidad Guardian :: 09.06.2019

Rae-Anne Serville broke the national junior record in the Girls' Under-20 400 metres event on the first day of action in the National Gas Company (NGC)/National Association of Athletics Administrations of T&T (NAAATT) Junior Championships at the Hasely Crawford Stadium in Mucurapo, on Saturday.

It was the second gold medal for the Memphis Pioneers quartermiler, who won the one-lap event, clocking 52.89 seconds to lower the time achieved by Adia Mc Kinnon back in 2000. She also surpassed the qualifying mark (54.30) for next month's Pan American Junior Championships in Costa Rica in beating Cougars' Caliyah Wallace (55.95) and Abilene Wildcats' Brianna Lord (56.05), respectively.

Serville earlier reached the top of the podium after winning the Girls' U-20 100m hurdles run in a time of 14.32 seconds with a negative-2.7 wind measure. Following her to the line was Kaizen Panthers duo Safiya John with 14.44 and Shanika Belfon with 17.53.

Cougars had much to celebrate thanks to the fantastic performances of the reigning junior "Sportswoman of the Year" Shaniqua Bascombe, who picked up two gold and a silver medal.

Bascombe clocked 11.90 (-0.2 wind) to win the girls U-17 100m final to match the U-18 qualifying time (11.90) for the North America, Central America and Caribbean (NACAC) Games in Mexico, also next month. This after dominating the girls' U-17 long jump event in the morning session. 

"I feel so proud to have won the long jump and the 100m. I am also very proud to stand on top the podium and see to my right and left my Cougars teammates," said Bascombe, referring to clubmates Karessa Kirton and Reneisha Andrews, whose respective clockings of 12.23 and 12.35, earned the silver and bronze medals.

Bascombe earlier secured gold in the long jump with a leap of 4.92m to again beat her teammate Kirton with 4.87m and Salisha Marshall (D'Abadie) with 4.54m. 

Kirton, however, upstaged Bascombe in the Girls' 100m hurdles event, edging her at the line in 14.29. Bascombe was the runner-up in 14.30 and Kayla Caesar of Memphis Pioneers was third with 15.24.

"I am happy for my Cougars club though I was beaten by 100th of a second by my club mate Karessa in the hurdles. I am still very proud of my accomplishments today (yesterday). I want to thank my coaches and my family for the support.

"I am looking forward to winning the 200m and completing the double," said Bascombe looking ahead to the final day of action today, hoping to pull her club, which is currently in second place with 214 points on the standings, into the top spot. Memphis leads with 246 followed by Tobago's Kaizen Panthers (131).

Devin Augustine also booked a spot at the NACAC Games after winning the Boys' U-17 100m dash. The Point Fortin Net Jets (PFNJ) sprinter comfortably won in 10.73 (1.8), going past the qualifying mark of 10.85 in finishing ahead of Concorde's Jesaiah Greenidge (10.96) and PFNJ's Anthony Diaz (10.98).

Zenith's Kymoi Noray and Kelsey Daniel of Kaizen Panthers also met the standard for the Pan Am Juniors in their respective events. Noray nabbed gold in the Girls U-20 Javelin with a 45.54m-throw surpassing the qualifying mark of 42.00m. Antonia Sealy of Fulfilling Athletics copped the silver with her best effort measuring 41.50m and Zenith's Tehealia Kennedy bagged the bronze with 34.44m. 

Daniel's success came in the Boys' U-20 long jump, emerging with gold with a 7.55m-leap (1.4w) going past the standard of 7.30m. Silver medallist Jaydon Antoine (Neon Wolves) matched the standard with his 7.30m-effort (-1.9w). The bronze medallist was Savion Joseph (Zenith) with 6.55m.

Kaizen Panthers' Safiya John and Keone John (Memphis) were also outstanding on the day sealing two gold medals each. Safiya won both the Girls' U-20 high jump (1.50m) and long jump (5.74m) while Keone topped the Boys' U-15 long jump and 400m.


Shot Put 

Boys U-20: 1 Christopher Crawford (TobagoFalcons) 15.42m; 2 Gyasi Boisson (Memphis) 14.06m; 3 Che Rochford (Kaizen) 12.69m

Girls U-17: 1 Shakera Kirk (Falcons) 12.00m; 2 Brianna Percy (Falcons) 11.72m; 3 Aniah Phillips (Kaizen) 10.99m 

Girls U-15: 1 Kyla Ahyoung (Arima Central) 9.99m; 2 Kieshana Joseph (Toco Titans) 9.64m; 3 Adriana Quamina (D'Abadie) 8.91m

Long Jump

Boys U-17: 1 Miguel Taylor (Mercury) 6.20m; 2 Tyrique Meijas (Cougars) 5.83m; 3 Javon Richards (Kaizen) 5.67m 

Boys U-15: 1 Keone John (Memphis) 5.65m; 2 Timothy Simpson (Memphis) 5.54m; 3 Kimani Kent (Falcons) 5.40m 

Girls U-15: 1 Janae De Gannes (Zenith) 5.44m; 2 Naomi Pierce (Memphis) 4.78m; 3 Gianna Paul (Unattached) 4.73m

Girls U-20: 1 Safiya John (Kaizen) 5.74m; 2 Caitlin Ragoonanan (Abilene) 5.54m; 3 Jayda Williams (Simplex) 5.02m 

Discus Throw

Girls U-20: 1 Elizabeth Galera (Burnley) 40.09m; 2 Jusoynia Fifi (Toco Titans) 31.96m; 3 Melissa Boxhill (Cougars) 29.43m 

Boys U-17: 1 Jayden Scott (Mercury) 44.59m; 2 Jeron James (Mercury) 44.24m; 3 Jaden James (Fatima) 41.09m

Boys U-15: 1 Farrel Jerry (Mercury) 35.10m; 2 Samuel Richards (Mercury) 29.82m; 3 Isaiah Malchan (Memphis) 28.25m

Javelin Throw

Girls U-15: 1 Kevah Scott (Zenith) 30.92m; 2 Sara Corix (FAS) 24.80m; 3 Adriana Quamina (D'Abadie) 24.75m 

Girls U-17: 1 Kayla Charles (Burnley) 24.56m; 2 Gabrielle Alexis (Silver Bullet) 24.50m; 3 Ce'Lise Adams (Zenith) 22.93m 

Boys U-15: 1 Le Bron James (Falcons) 42.49m; 2 Cahsani Mark (Zenith) 39.91m; 3 Isaiah Malchan (Memphis) 38.01m 


Boys U-20 110mH: 1 Justin Guy (Kaizen) 14.58; 2 Kelsey Daniel (Kaizen) 14.68; 3 Tyrese Rawlins (Neon Wolves) 14.72

Boys U-17 110mH: 1 Rinaldo Moore (Memphis) 14.66; 2 Obi Edwards (FAS) 15.68; 3 Kanye Ottley (Kaizen) 17.37

Girls U-15 60mH: 1 Naomi Pierce (Memphis) 9.74; 2 Kevah Scott (Zenith) 9.86; 3 Aalisha Jones (Oasics) 11.12

Boys U-15 80mH: 1 Keone John (Memphis) 11.81 (-1.9); 2 Dorian Charles (PFNJ) 11.98; 3 Jayden Crichlow (Fullfilling Athletics) 12.17


Girls U-20: 1 Ayla Stanisclaus (Rss Phoenix) 11.64; 2 Akilah Lewis (Concorde) 11.65; 3 Leah Bertrand (Simplex) 11.95 

Boys U-20: 1 Kion Benjamin (Memphis) 10.57; 2 Omari Lewis (Concorde) 10.87 (.864); 3 Brandon Monsegue (Simplex) 10.87 (.868)

Girls U-15: 1 Janika Jordan (Cougars) 12.23; 2 Janae De Gannes (Zenith) 12.24; 3 Jernissa Kadoo (Simplex) 12.48

Boys U-15: 1 Jordan Noel (Cougars) 11.47; 2 Zion Sylvester (ZC) 11.52; 3 Enoch Joseph (Abilene) 11.76


Boys U-20: 1 Che Lara (Abilene) 47.30; 2 Jabari Fox, (PFNJ) 47.99; 3 Chazz Alexander (Simplex) 48.70 

Girls U-15: 1 Janae Murray (Memphis) 58.86; 2 Amaya Mitchell (Abilene)1:00.20; 3 Gianna Paul (Unattached) 1:00.35

Boys U-15: 1 Keone John (Memphis) 52.75; 2 Tyreese James, (Memphis) 53.64; 3 Kyle Williams (Burnley) 53.67 

Girls U-17: 1 Natasha Fox (PFNJ) 56.88; 2 Xea Bruce (Toco Titans) 57.48; 3 Christiemarie Maharaj (Silver Bullet) 57.80 

Boys U-17: 1 Shakeem McKay (Abilene) 49.48; 2 Rinaldo Moore (Memphis) 50.38; 3 Cyril Sumner (Memphis) 50.40 


Girls U-17: 1 Arlet Olilivierre (Tobago Select) 5:17.56; 2 Octavia Cambridge (Cougars) 5:38.98; 3 Jeneil Bailey (Memphis) 5:58.22 

Boys U-17: 1 Stefan Camejo (Memphis) 4:27.72; 2 Nkosi Toney (Tobago Select) 4:29.97; 3 David Graham (Select) 4:38.48 

Girls U-20: 1 Joanna Rogers (Cougars) 5:38.38; 2 Julice Gardiner (Zenith) 5:45.28; 3 Shaniqua Mc Kenzie (Kaizen) 6:42.21 

Boys U-20: 1 Genesis Joseph (Health Olympians) 4:22.45; 2 Aarin Simon (Memphis Pioneers) 4:30.44; 3 James Walcott (Rebirth) 4:31.88

Girls U-15 1,000m: 1 Kayleigh Forde (Cougars) 3:11.61; 2 Shakiah Phillip (Memphis) 3:20.45; 3 Tashanique Mc Farlane (Cheetahs) 3:26.74


Serville breaks record, Bascombe shares spotlight
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Kaizen Panthers' Kelsey Daniel leaps to take gold in the Boys' Under-20 long jump at the NGC/NAAATT Junior Championships at the Hasely Crawford Stadium in Mucurapo, Port-of-Spain, yesterday. Daniel's 7.55m-leap (1.4w) went past the standard of 7.30m for next month's Pan American Junior Championships © Anthony Harris
Serville breaks record, Bascombe shares spotlight
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Rae-Ann Serville of Memphis Pioneers, who broke the national junior record in the Girls' Under-20 400m with a 52.89-clocking.

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