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Alexander breaks 39-year-old hammer record

Rachael Thomspon-King :: Trinidad Guardian :: 10.06.2019

Jamaal Alexander put on a record-breaking performance to win the gold medal in the Boys' Under-20 hammer throw event on an overcast second day of the National Gas Company (NGC)/National Association of Athletics Administrations of T&T (NAAATT) Junior Championships at the Hasely Crawford Stadium in Mucurapo on Sunday.

The Toco Tafac field athlete broke a 39-year-old national junior record which was established by Allister Joseph in 1980 when he tossed the "Iron-ball" attached to a metal string 34.62 metres to erase the previous mark of 31.44m.

The only other competitor in the event, Geion Washington of Kaizen Panthers, had his beat effort reach 24.52m. 

He joined another record-breaker in Rae-Anne Serville, who on Saturday bettered a 19-year-old national record to win the gold in the Girls U-20 400m. Serville of Memphis Pioneers returned yesterday, day two of the championship, to collect her second gold medal, winning the Girls' U-20 800m in a time of two minutes and 17.90 seconds. She finished ahead of Silver Bullet's Camile Lewis (2:21.09) and Cougars' Joanna Rogers (2:27.25), respectively.

Later, Serville nabbed two more gold medals in the relays. She first partnered with J'Da Browne, Deleth Charles and Jeneil Morris to win the 4x100m final in 47.16 and then anchored Memphis to victory in the Girls' Open 4x400m relay final along with Nicola Pesnell, Atiya Croal and Morris to win in 3:46.59. 

It was another great day for Kelsey Daniel and Ayla Stanisclaus, who not only picked up their second gold medal for the Championships but also earned the right to compete at the Pan American Junior Championships next month in Costa Rica.

Daniel of Kaizen Panthers, who won the Boys' U-20 long jump the day before, was the lone participant in the Boys U-20 triple jump and leaped 15.50m to go past the Pan Am Juniors standard (15.30m).

Stanisclaus of Rss Phoenix sprinted across the line in 23.42, to met the 23.60-standard, in the Girls' 200m final, beating Akilah Lewis of Concorde in 24.03 and Simplex's Leah Bertrand in 24.41, respectively. 

Cougars' Shaniqua Bascombe stuck to her word and completed the sprint double, winning the Girls' U-17 200m final in 24.05, which also met the North American, Central American and Caribbean (NACAC) Games' U-18 24.90-standard. She added to her 100m gold which was won on the opening day's programme. Malika Coutain of Point Fortin New Jets (PFNJ)copped the silver in 25.17 and Bascombe's Cougars clubmate Karessa Kirton, the bronze in 25.74. 

Later, Bascombe ran the second leg in the Girls' 4x100m relay final and won her third gold medal. She linked with Reneisha Andrews, Kirton and Jada Duprey to clock 47.24 and beat Memphis Pioneers (Shakirah Pierre, Kayla Caesar, Atiya Croal, Arianne Lucio) in 50.32. 

There were other double gold medallists over the two days including Farrel Jerry (Boys' U-15 Shot put/Discus), Christopher Crawford (Boys' U-20 Shot put/Discus), Jayden Scott (Boys' U-17 Shot put/Discus) on the field and on the track, Kaleigh Forde (Girls U-15 800m/1,000m), Natasha Fox (Girls U-17 400m/800m), Arlet Ollivierre (Girls 3,000m/U-17 1,500m), Shakera Kirk (Girls U-17/shot put) and Genesis Joseph (Boys U-20 800m/1,500m).

Cougars repeated as NAAA's Junior champion but this around shared the title with Memphis after both clubs completed the 94-event Championships with 450 points. In third place was Tobago club Kaizen Panthers with 299.50.

Yesterday's other results


Boys U-20: 1 Jabari Fox (PFNJ) 21.25; 2 Omari Lewis (Concorde) 21.88; 3 Che Lara (Abilene) 21.89

Boys U-17: 1 Shakeem McKay (Abilene) 21.98; 2 Miguel Taylor (Mercury) 22.39; 3 Jordan Pope (Concorde) 22.53

Girls U-15: 1 Janae De Gannes (Zenith) 24.98; 2 Jordan, Janika (Cougars) 25.26; 3 Kadija Pickering (Abilene) 25.31 

Boys U-15: 1 Keone John (Memphis) 23.07; 2 Nakiel Denoon (Cougars) 23.37; 3 Jordan Noel (Cougars) 23.44


Boys U-20: 1 Genesis Joseph (Health Olympians) 1:58.02; 2 Aarin Simon (Memphis) 2:00.14; 3 Matthew Pulchan (PSSC) 2:00.49

Boys U-17: 1 Ryan Campbell (Tobago Select) 2:00.73; 2 Joshua Mascall (FAS) 2:01.33; 3 Cyril Sumner (Memphis) 2:02.79

Girls U-17: 1 Natasha Fox (PFNJ) 2:19.70; 2 Christiemarie Maharaj (Silver Bullet) 2:19.99; 3 Atiya Croal (Memphis) 2:24.32

Boys U-15: 1 Zeke Mottley (Cougars) 2:11.46: 2 Tafari Waldron (Cougars) 2:12.15; 3 Ryan Joseph (Cougars) 2:15.41

Girls U-15: 1 Kayleigh Forde (Cougars) 2:26.31; 2 Kernesha Shelbourne (Oasics) 2:30.79; 3 Shakiah Phillip (Memphis) 2:32.60


Girls Open: 1 Arlet Olilivierre (Select) 11:48.55; 2 Jeneil Bailey (Memphis) 13:09.26 

Boys U-17: 1 Nkosi Toney (Select) 10:13.13; 2 David Graham (Select) 10:53.59; 3 Jamali Critchlow (T/Select) 10:59.84 


Boys U-20: 1 Kareem Mason Jr (Concorde) 17:16.03; 2 Xavion York (Rjr) 17:32.10; 3 Genesis Joseph (H/Olympians) 17:40.41

Hammer Throw

Girls U-17: 1 Addriana Cordner (Kaizen) 22.72m; 2 Aniah Phillips (Kaizen) 20.51m; 3 Gabrielle Alexis (S/Bullet) 19.28m 

Boys U-17: 1 Justin Durity (Tafac) 28.06m; 2 Meshach Roachford (Rss Phoenix) 25.69m; 3 Tyrese Murray (Kaizen) 24.88m 

Discus Throw

Boys U-20: 1 Christopher Crawford (Falcons) 49.07m; 2 Randolph Isaac (Burnley) 47.38m; 3 Jafari Greig (Zenith) 39.88m 

Girls U-17: 1 Shakera Kirk (Falcons) 41.25m; 2 Lalenii Grant (Mercury) 39.42m; 3 Brianna Percy (Falcons) 38.56m

Girls U-15: 1 Adriana Quamina (D'Abadie) 28.33m; 2 Ruth Irvine (Zenith) 24.76m; 3 Kieshana Joseph (Toco Titans) 20.90m 

High Jump

Boys U-20: 1 Shaquille Benjamin (Zenith) 1.95m; 2 Che Saunders (Kaizen) 1.85m; 3 Justin Guy (Kaizen) 1.75m

Boys U-17: 1 Kaleb Maynard (QRC) 1.80m; 2 Nathan Phillips (Stallion) 1.60m; 3 Carlos Browne (Mercury) 1.60m 

Girls U-17: 1 Nyah Mc Farlane (Mercury) 1.45m 

Boys U-15: 1 Dorian Charles (PFNJ) 1.72m; 2 Kimani Kent (Falcons) 1.63m; 3 Kajali Mills (Kaizen Panthers) 1.55m 

Girls U-15: 1 Gianna Paul (Unattached) 1.62m; 2 Janae De Gannes (Zenith) 1.62m; 3 Kernesha Shelbourne (Oaics) 1.40m

Shot Put

Girls U-20: 1 Ianna Roach (Memphis) 12.53m; 2 Jusoynia Fifi (Titans) 11.02m; 3 Elizabeth Galera (Burnley) 10.87m 

Boys U-17: 1 Jayden Scott (Mercury) 15.58m; 2 Tyrese Murray (Kaizen) 12.28m; 3 Jeron James (Mercury) 11.47m 

Boys U-15: 1 Farrel Jerry (Mercury) 11.02m; 2 Timothy Simpson (Memphis) 10.68m; 3 Hasani Daniel (Mercury) 10.55m 

Pole Vault

Boys U-20: 1 Joel Andrews (D'Abadie Progressive) 3.20m; 2 Nathaniel Mathura (Unattached) 2.60m 

Boys U-17: 1 Niesean Roberts (Fullfilling Athletics) 2.50m; 2 Nigel Sealy (Fullfilling) 2.20m; 3 Dimitri Francis (Morvant Jets) 2.00m 

Triple Jump

Boys U-17: 1 Cameron Groome (Kaizen) 11.68m: 2 Jaheim Trancoso (Tafac) 11.56m 

Girls Open: 1 Caitli Ragoonanan (Abilene) 11.50m; 2 Safiya John (Kaizen) 11.30m; 3 Trishell Mc Laren (Tafac) 10.20m 


Girls U-20 400mH: 1 Patrice Richards (Neon Wolves) 1:04.55; 2 Chelsea Ragoonanan (Abilene) 1:05.47; 3 Cheziah Phillip (Titans) 1:06.78

Boys U-17 400mH: 1 Rinaldo Moore (Memphis) 56.26; 2 Brian Morris (Cougars) 59.54; 3 Kanye Ottley (Kaizen) 1:06.05 

Girls U-17 400mH: 1 Xea Bruce (Titans) 1:04.24; 2 Karessa Kirton (Cougars) 1:07.02; 3 Anastasia Noel (Abilene) 1:13.98

Girls U-15 300mH: 1 Naomi Pierce (Memphis) 46.46; 2 Kevah Scott (Zenith) 48.19; 3 Nicola Sheppard (Cougars) 54.24 

Boys U-15 300mH: 1 Kyrell Thomas (Cougars) 44.13; 2 Dylan Woodruffe (Cougars) 45.51; 3 Kaiyin Morris (Cougars) 45.52 


Boys U-20: 1 Joel Andrews (D'Abadie) 6,086; 2 Anson Moses (Falcons) 5,953; 3 Jahmel Smith (Kaizen) 3,422 

Boys U-17: 1 Malachi Lawrence (Air Bon Sonics) 2,836; 2 Corde Gomez (Tafac) 2,690

4x100m Relay

Boys U-20: 1 Memphis 42.03; 2 Cougars 43.07; 3 Abilene 43.39

Girls U-20:1 Memphis 47.16; 2 Concorde 48.60 

Boys U-17: 1 Cougars 43.99; 2 Concorde 44.45; 3 Fyzabad Athletics Stars 44.79 

Girls U-15: 1 Simplex 49.28; 2 Cougars 50.38; 3 Memphis Pioneers 51.11

Boys U-15: 1 Memphis 45.52; 2 Cougars 46.25; 3 Abilene 47.25

4x400m Relays

Boys Open: 1 Abilene 3:22.67; 2 Memphis 3:23.49; 3 Cougars 3:26.99 

Girls Open: 1 Memphis 3:46.59; 2 Abilene 3:53.52; 3 Cougars 3:54.85


Alexander breaks 39-year-old hammer record
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Cougars trio Tafari Waldron, from right, Zeke Mottley and Ryan Joseph compete in the Boys Under-15 1,200m on Saturday at the Hasely crawford Stadium in Mucurapo. Waldron won in 3:36.12, followed by Mottley (3:41.10) and Joseph (3:46.98), respectively. Yesterday the Cougars trio swept the Boys' U-15 800m, this time though it was Mottley winning in 2:11.46, with Waldron secind in 2:12.15 and Joseph, third in 2:15.41. © Anthony Harris

Alexander breaks 39-year-old hammer record
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Kyla Ahyoung of Arima Central competes in the Girls' U-15 shot put on Saturday. She won gold with a 9.99m-effort.

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