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WOMAN OF SUBSTANCE - Dethroned Borel continues to inspire

Kwame Laurence :: Trinidad Express :: 11.08.2019

In both victory and defeat, Cleopatra Borel has been an inspiration to all, and women in particular.

Four years ago, Borel struck gold in Toronto, Canada to become the first female from Trinidad and Tobago to capture a Pan American Games title. The women's shot put triumph earned her a complete set of medals at the hemispheric multi-sport games, adding to her 2007 bronze and 2011 silver.

For most, the gold in 2015 would have been enough. Borel, though, is different, and came back for more at the 2019 edition of the Pan Am Games, here in Lima, Peru. The Road to Lima, however, was a rough one, and she had to settle for eighth spot on Friday with a 17.37 metres throw.

There was victory, though, in the journey, Borel overcoming a major obstacle to take her place on the T&T team for Lima 2019.

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"I have to be mindful that I had surgery nine months ago," the veteran thrower told the Sunday Express, "and I'm not in my top form. So while it's not the type of performance I'm accustomed to, just being able to make it here today was a win. I need to compete if I want to compete well again, so I can't hide from the losses. I have to take it head on and use it as motivation to keep going."


WOMAN OF SUBSTANCE - Dethroned Borel continues to inspire
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