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T&T gets 2 chances at Worlds 200m glory

Andre E Baptiste :: Trinidad Guardian :: 29.09.2019

There is a storm brew ing at the World Cham pi onships in Do ha, Qatar and the Trinidad and To ba go pair of Kyle Greaux and Jereem Richards have turned the form book up side down head ing in to Monday's men's 200 me tres semi fi nals with con trast ing but mem o rable wins on Sunday.

First, it was Greaux who blew his field apart in the last 50 me tres to win Heat 4 do ing hand springs and shut ting down in the fifth-best time of the qual i fi ca tion round of 20.19 sec onds.

Greaux has longed been un der rat ed but has promised be fore. But af ter reach ing the Com mon wealth Games fi nals in 2018, his con fi dence has been boost ed.

Af ter Sun day's race, a re laxed Greaux told Guardian Me dia, "Well, in the be gin ning of the race I felt a bit slug gish out of the blocks but for the rest of the race I was fine."

Look ing ahead to the semi fi nals, Greaux added, "As for to mor row's (Mon day's) semi fi nal, my fo cus is ex e cut ing a race that would hope ful ly ad vance me in to the fi nals."

Then in the sev enth and last heat, Richards up set over whelm ing favourite Noah Lyles of the USA and in the process record ed the eighth fastest time.

Speak ing af ter wards, Richards said, "I felt fear less to day. I de cid ed I was go ing to be fear less out there and when I looked across and saw Lyles eas ing down, I said let me win this and get a good lane and semi fi nal as the win ner. 

"I was not hap py about the bend my turn, that has to be bet ter but I know I was about 85 per cent so there is more left for to mor row (to day), I am aim ing to get to the fi nal and then see what hap pens. This is my sec ond World Cham pi onships and I would love to reach fi nals again." 

How ev er, the ebul lient Richards ad mit ted, "I am not putting my self un der pres sure, I am go ing to re main fo cussed and fol low all my nor mal rou tines."

As to the con di tions in Do ha, Richards re vealed, "Thank ful ly, I ran here ear li er in the year so I knew what to ex pect and it was hot ter then and al so the med ical staff led by Dr Anyl Gopeesingh have all kept us aware of how much hy dra tion we need, how much wa ter etcetera and that has re al ly helped."

An ob vi ous ly hap py Richards was look ing for ward to both him self and Greaux reach ing the fi nals.

"Kyle looked re al ly good and if we can both get to the fi nals this would be a first in the 200 me tres at the Worlds I be lieve and great for the coun try," he said.

"I just want peo ple to con tin ue to sup port us and un der stand what an ath lete has to un der go to achieve re sults, we need re al fans not band wag o nists. We just need you to be lieve and we will be fear less to mor row (to day)." 

Mon day's semi fi nals are sched uled to start at 1.50 pm TT time with Heat 1, where Richards will race from Lane 7 but have to con tend with de fend ing cham pi on from 2017 Turkey's Ramil Guliyev, Great Britain's Adam Gem li and Cana da's Aaron Brown. 

Then at 2.06 pm TT time, Greaux will al so race out of Lane 7 and will face Cana da's An dre De Grasse, Ja maica's Yohan Blake and Great Britain's Zhar nel Hugh es. The fi nal is Tues day, so it is ex pect ed that a lot of the ath letes will be go ing all out, as on ly top two from each of three semi fi nals and two fastest losers progress to fi nal.

Mean while, vet er an Kel ly-Ann Bap tiste vir tu al ly walked out of the blocks in her very com pet i tive semi fi nals of the 100 me tres and al though she made up some ground could on ly fin ish fourth in a time of 11.19 sec onds, which was not good enough for her to progress as one of the fastest losers in to yes ter day's fi nals.

"My start was hor ri ble and from that mo ment against this qual i ty field it was al ways go ing to be tough, so I have to re bound and stay fo cused for the Tokyo Olympics next year and take what ev er pos i tives there are," she said af ter wards.

"In par tic u lar, giv en it was a fun ny sea son with lots of up and downs, I have to recog nise that and now get ready for the re lays with our ba ton pass ing."

Bap tiste al so had words of joy for Greaux and Richards.

"Kyle is my train ing part ner and both he and Jereem look re al ly good, so we are all be hind them, there is a good spir it among all the team."

First in to ac tion on Mon day will be Kami ra Du rant in the women's 200 me tres heats. She runs in Heat 1 from Lane 4 at 10.05 am TT time and will have to con tend with the likes of the Nether lands' Dafne Schip pers and Ivory Coast's Marie Josie Ta-Lou. Mauri cia Pri eto will be in to ac tion next race in Heat 2 at 10.14 am TT time from Lane 3 and face stiff op po si tion from Switzer land's Mu jin ga Kom bund ji and Great Britain's Jodie Williams.


T&T gets 2 chances at Worlds 200m glory
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Trinidad and Tobago's Kyle Greaux looks back at the USA's Kenneth Bednarek as he crosses the line to win his men's 200 metre heats at the World Athletics Championships in Doha, Qatar, on Sunday. Greaux clocked 20.19 seconds to secure the win and a place in Monday's semifinals. © AP

T&T gets 2 chances at Worlds 200m glory
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Trinidad and Tobago's Jereem Richards crosses the finish line ahead of Jamaica's Andre Ewers to win his heat in the men's 200 metres at the World Athletics Championships in Doha, Qatar, on Sunday. Richards clocked 20.23 seconds to secure the win and a place in today's semi-finals.?

T&T gets 2 chances at Worlds 200m glory
Enlarge Image

Netherlands' Dafne Schippers, Trinidad and Tobago's Kelly-Ann Baptiste, Jamaica's Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce and Ivory Coast's Murielle Ahouré race to the finish in the women's 100 metres semifinal at the World Athletics Championships in Doha, Qatar, on Sunday. Fraser-Pryce won the heat in 10.81 seconds but Baptiste finished fourth in 11.19 and did not advance to the final.

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