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T&T's Gittens claims NCAA heptathlon gold
T&T's Tyra Gittens during the women Heptatholn event for Texas A&M contesting the 800 metres events in which she finished in 10th-place in a time of 2:28.88 seconds.

T&T's Gittens claims NCAA heptathlon gold

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After springing to a silver medal in the Women's Long Jump event on Thursday, T&T's top heptathlete, Tyra Gittens claimed the overall win in the Women's Heptathlon when the curtains came down on the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I Outdoor Track and Field Championships in Eugene, Oregon, USA on Saturday night.

Gittens, the Texas A&M athlete closed off the meet with a 10th-place finish in her heat of the Women's 800 metres event, clocking a relatively slow time of 2:28.88 seconds.

However, it helped her amassed a total of 6285 points for the overall win after seven events over twodays, ahead of Michelle Atherley (6067 points) of Miami Fla and third Kristine Blazevica (5984) of Texas Fr. Duke's Erin Marsh was fourth overall with 5924 points.

Gitten's overall win came after three gold-medal performances- in the high jump (1.84 metres): the 200 metres in 23.79, and the long jump event which was a 6.64 metres jump for the Texas A&M junior athlete.

The twenty-two year-old also produced an equally entertaining fourth-place finish overall in the shot put at a distance of 13.31 metres, while claiming sixth positions overall at the 100-metre hurdles in a time of 13.46 seconds, and at the javelin throw which saw her pitching the spear a distance of 41.24 metres.

In the 800 metres, Gittens ended with an overall position of 19th out of 24 runners, one of her weaker events.

Meanwhile, another T&T athlete Dwight St Hillaire was fifth in the 400 metres final in a time of 45.20 seconds, representing the University of Kentucky on Saturday night.

He finished behind first-place Randolph Ross who shattered the record with a time of 43.85 seconds for the University of North Carolina. Bryce Deadmon of Texas A&M was second in 44.44 seconds and Noah Williams of the Louisiana State University (LSU).

In February, St Hillaire claimed the gold medal in the 400-metre indoor event in a record-shattering 45.81 seconds, while also finishing second in the 200 meters sprint in 20.51 seconds.