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NAAATT seeks TTOC approval to expand Olympic team
T&T shot putter Portious Warren.

NAAATT seeks TTOC approval to expand Olympic team

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Field athlete Portious Warren may be one of three late additions to the T&T team, for the delayed Tokyo Olympic Games in Japan.

The shot-putter, along with sprinters Jonathan Farinha and Kai Selvon are the athletes likely to be added to the 57-member contingent that was announced on Saturday by the T&T Olympic Committee (TTOC).

Interim president of the National Association Athletics Administration of T&T, George Commissiong, said this during an interview with Andre Baptiste on a Radio I95 FM sports show yesteron Monday.

Commissiong said following the guidelines for athletics for the Games set from July 23 to August 8, that the NAAATT nominated five athletes in the relay events, however, the organisers advised that this number could increase by one.

"Overnight the organisers had written indicating that we can in fact enter six athletes in each of the relay teams, so we are trying to now comply with that and the statements I am making is subject to ratification by the TTOC and final acceptance by the organisers," said Commissiong.

He said these arrangements were made shortly before he went on air.

"So, If they are accepted, we will end up with six athletes in each of the relay events."

Warren's elevation to 32nd on the rankings put her in place to represent T&T in the women's shot put event.

Commissiong said: "The quota for women's shot put is 32. Given her new ranking, she has also been extended an invitation to compete at the Olympics and we have sought to accept that invitation by doing the necessary paperwork.

"We expect that by later today (yesterday), we should have confirmation, so again I am saying subject to confirmation, ratification by the TTOC and by the NOC, we may have any increase in the athletics team by three persons."

Farinha is now the sixth member of the 4x100 metres squad along with three-time Olympic medallist Richard Thompson, Kion Benjamin, Adell Colthrust, Eric Harrison and Akanni Hislop. Thompson won 4x100m gold, 100m silver at the 2008 Beijing Games, and 4x100m silver in 2012 London.

Selvon will renew her partnership on the women's 4x100m squad which includes Michelle-Lee Ahye, Kelly-Ann Baptiste, Semoy Hackett, Khalifa St Fort, and newcomer Ayla Stanisclaus.

Jereem Richards, the 2018 Commonwealth 200m men's champion, who was already on the team will represent T&T in the half-lap event is now the sixth member of the 4x400m relay squad.

The others are Machel Cedenio, Deon Lendore, Dwight St Hillaire, Asa Guevara, and Che Lara.

Trio Cedenio, Lendore, and St Hillaire will also take the track in the 400m event.

The now 24-member track and field team also includes javelin thrower Keshorn Walcott, a two-time Olympic medallist (gold at the 2012 London Games and bronze at the 2016 Rio Games).

Possible Athletics team

Track - Michelle-Lee Ahye (100m 4x100m relay), Kelly-Ann Baptiste (100m 4x100m), Semoy Hackett (4x100m), Khalifa St Fort (4x100m ), Ayla Stanisclaus (4x100m), Kai Selvon (4x100m), Sparkle McKnight (400m hurdles), Kyle Greaux (200m), Jereem Richards (200m, 4x400m), Machel Cedenio (400m, 4x400m), Deon Lendore (400m, 4x400m), Dwight St Hillaire (400m, 4x400m), Asa Guevara (4x400m relay), Che Lara (4x400m relay), Kion Benjamin (4x100m), Adell Colthrust (4x100m), Eric Harrison (4x100m), Akanni Hislop (4x100m), Richard Thompson (4x100m), Jonathan Farinha (4x100m).

Field athletes - Keshorn Walcott (Javelin), Andwuelle Wright (Long jump), Tyra Gittens (long jump), Portious Warren (shot put)

Staff: George Comissiong (team manager), NicConnor Alexander (coach), Dr Ian Hypolite (coach), Charles Joseph (coach), Ismael Lopez Mastrapa (coach), Wendell Williams (coach)