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Hackett launches Lambeau Alliance Athletic Club
Sprinter Semoy Hackett

Hackett launches Lambeau Alliance Athletic Club

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National sprinter Semoy Hackett has already spotted talent at her newly formed track club, the Lambeau Alliance Athletic Club "Fostering Dreams".

There is one boy who is normally at the back when they are on a run. He chases them down during most of the runs showing that he is quite competitive. He has that natural competitive spirit which is a good sign, said Hackett, who has taken up the role as coach following the recent launch of the club.

Several video clips of training sessions can be seen on her Facebook page and in one, the young runner she mentioned, showed his potential during a session at the Lambeau Community Centre.

'Ketch' him, use your arms, urged Hackett in the recording and he could be seen doing just that, closing the gap, just as the video ended.

Great start for the 2015 World Championships bronze medallist, who recruited athletes by going from house to house in her Lambeau community. An option, she chose was because she wanted them to know the person doing the recruiting.

"They know me as 'Moyyo', that's what they call me at home. They don't really know me as Semoy Hackett so I wanted to get out there so they could put a face to the name.

When you are recruiting, it's sometimes good for them to see you. We get a chance to meet the parents. Have a one-on-one interaction with the parents."

I know a lot of the kids growing up, we were visited by recruits. So I wanted to do the same and have a one-on-one with parents, explain to them what the club is about. Reach out to them with Tricia, who is well-known in the community, said Hackett, referring to Tricia Mc Cletchie, who she has partnered with in running the club.

She added: "Tricia is very active in the community. She's always active, involved in a lot things, like football. She is helpful in the community so they reach out to her. They know Tricia. She is open and they are comfortable with her so we are both involved in recruiting."

According to Hackett, the club which caters for children five to 12, just Monday, one of the three training days for the young club, 11 budding athletes joined but, of course, they are observing the COVID-19 protocols to ensure that all are safe so they will be put them in groups.

In this way, Hackett will get to foster the dreams of young athletes in the Lambeau community which is the significant reason for creating the athletics club.

In a recent interview, she said that's the reason why she is doing it back home, to give my kids, my community, my country, to allow them to reach where they can reach, adding that they shouldn't be left out of having someone support them from a young age, "to be the next Olympian, to be the next World champion, to be the next great in whatever sport they are doing".

On Wednesday, the young runners were scheduled to return to the Community Centre, the venue of sessions during the week, to continue building their respective athletic careers with the hope of earning scholarships at foreign Universities.

And on Saturdays, from 8 am, the former Louisiana State University student-athlete plans to introduce hill running and Moses Hill in Lambeau will provide the course for those sessions.

Away from the track, the T&T sprinter is attempting to assist young athletes is through her Foundation which bears her name.

"Giving kids the opportunities to actually to be able to pay for training gears, training equipment. If they have to pay for schools. A certain percentage from me will go towards them to pay for different fees which pertain to track and field or other sports. It's basically geared towards helping athletes.

Help them develop as a young person instead of them not reaching their goals because of some financial issue."""

The foundation will be hosting a "Food Drive", the Rachael Rollock's Food Pantry in memory of Hackett's former Bishop's High schoolmate, who passed away from the novel coronavirus, which the T&T sprinter had just recovered from at the time.

She died on the first day of my Olympic preparation after recovering from COVID myself so my track season was derailed by COVID. The day I actually returned to the track was the day she died so that's why I am naming it after her, cause she was my classmate and friend, so it's in remembrance of her, said Hackett.

Her late friend would be proud of the effort she is making to assist others. The Foundation is asking anyone to give as much as possible which in turn will be collected and distributed. A drop off location will soon be announced.

Any food anyone wants to donate, we will come and collect and give back to the community, said Hackett, who added that the Foundation plans to distribute some 53 bags of school supplies to children from the age of four in the Lambeau community. "This will be part of giving back."

Hackett launches Lambeau Alliance Athletic Club
Young athletes at a training session of the Lambeau Alliance Athletics Club at the Lambeau Community Centre, recently.
Hackett launches Lambeau Alliance Athletic Club
T&T sprinter Semoy Hackett