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Bmobile supports Trinidad and Tobago Carifta athletes
Bmobile has sponsored TT's 2023 Carifta Games team - Bmobile

Bmobile supports Trinidad and Tobago Carifta athletes

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BMOBILE has pledged its support for athletes and administrators set to represent TT at the 2023 Carifta Games in the Bahamas.

The games will begin on April 7 and end on April 10.

TT's team has 63 athletes and 17 officials.

In a press release, bmobile said it will provide key members of the management team with free roaming services as it "understands the importance of staying connected, especially when travelling to compete on an international level."

The company also provided "handy memorabilia" to the team, as well as travel accessories.

It added that the top athletes will be given new smartphones and free mobile data connectivity for six months after returning to TT.

Anjanie Ramesar-Soom of bmobile's corporate, environmental, social and reputation management team said she was "thrilled" to team up with the squad.

"Bmobile believes that as a nation, we can reach our full potential once we are committed to properly fostering the talent of our youth who inevitably are our future. We are passionate about sports and the role it plays in bringing people together. We believe in the potential of our young athletes and are proud to support them as they represent our nation on the international stage."

She said the company is committed to sport and youth development as it is a core value.

The covid19 downtime has taken a global toll, but we stand ready to support our young athletes on their journey to success, post-pandemic.

TT team manager Jehue Gordon said bmobile's investment is "timely and welcomed.

"Bmobile has always been giving back and supporting sport for as long as I can remember. For this initiative, I think it is always great for us to stay connected with each other. Communication is a very important part of dealing with such a large team.

"I myself have been a beneficiary of bmobile's sponsorship over the years and I also won a free trip to the Olympic Games in 2008 thanks to bmobile."

He said his managerial role is a good step to get back in connection with (the team) and I believe we could see the partnership fostered from here, moving forward, where we can build a stronger connection and relationship."""